3 stars

Reviewed by Crys Unger

This premise of this book is hilarious and I was really looking forward to the book.

This is a second chance romance about Finn and Calle. They were high school sweethearts until Finn (at 17 years old) walked away breaking Calle’s heart. 6 years have passed and now they will be back for Calle’s brother’s wedding in which Finn is the Best Man. The night before, Finn sends a text that ends up going viral and he is now labled #Theworldsworstboyfriend.

Author Erika Kelly is new to me, and while I think that this story had a great premise and was funny, I didn’t like the heroine. Finn was great, I really liked his character and his love for his family. Calle, I thought was still acting like a 17 year old (I get you were heartbroken) but the way that she acts towards Finn drove me crazy. And I am sorry, but the jealousy that she had towards Finn’s family really turned me off from her, and then by her using Finn’s misfortune (the viral text) to save her career was just not cool. I just don’t feel that the author redeemed her enough for me to like her.

Other than that issue, I enjoyed this book for the most part. Good writing, though it dragged a bit in the middle for me. I am intrigued about the brother’s stories as well, so I may continue with this series.

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