This was my first book by author Julia Skyes, and I will probably check out others by her as well.

First, I think that I missed the book prior to this, but I was able to pick up on everything and really don’t think that I missed out that much having not read the first one. War of Hearts is about Ashlyn, Marco and Joseph. Marco has kidnapped Ashlyn to bring her back to Joseph because he can’t stand him being sad any longer. He knows that Ashlyn feels the same as well.

The reason for the 3 stars… well… I didn’t really care for Ashlyn. She was way to whiny and as Marco said a brat. She got better as the book went on, but I can’t believe that someone is THAT naive. Also, I was looking forward to the mafia part, but you don’t really get a lot of that in this book. This book is mostly about the relationship with the 3 main characters.

Over all this was ok. I felt that there could have been more expanded to make this story outstanding, but I felt a little like the author just focused on the sex scenes. which I understand was probably the point, but I think she had a great idea going for this one and was a little let down on it. The flow was ok, a little choppy from time to time. Pacing was good, I would have liked more action scenes but again that is a personal preference.

I will probably check others out from Julia Skye when in the mood for MFM books, this one wasn’t that bad at all 🙂

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